Yariv Levin and Miri Regev
Yariv Levin and Miri RegevYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Sources in the police warn that the appointments of Bezalel Smotrich or Miri Regev as minister of defense or minister of public security, and claim that the two will allow the sacrifice of a Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount.

"If one of them is appointed, next year more Jews will sacrifice a Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount," the sources told Haaretz.

"Netanyahu will not appoint them to the post due to their position on the Temple Mount and the Arab sector," the sources said.

The police also referred to the possibility that Yariv Levin would become Minister of Public Security, saying that "his appointment would be accepted with mixed feelings."

Four people were arrested Wednesday night with two goats they apparently planned to sacrifice on the Temple Mount.

Earlier this week MK Smotritch referred to the coalition negotiations and expressed his hope that he would be appointed to the post of justice minister: "This is our demand, and I hope that this is how I am going to be a justice minister who will strengthen the court and public trust in it. The main tool is to restore the judicial system to its original role."

"The government will rule, the Knesset will legislate, the courts hold trials, but they will not replace the elected officials and will not enter into political questions. Everyone will do his job and be very trustworthy," Smotrich told Radio 103FM.

If he does not receive the justice portfolio, Smotrich will demand to be Minister of Education. "When I was a student, Yossi Sarid and Shulamit Aloni were the ministers of education. We didn't leave the schools at the time. If I'll be the education minister, everyone will continue to study in the schools. The first step I would take is to restore the privilege and obligation to educate. I think that the education system should not only provide knowledge but also educate values and truths."

He promised: "I'll educate about the values ​​that I believe in and you'll educate the values ​​that you believe in and there's a risk in that. But we won't only educate about the five units of mathematics and English. We need to restore respect for teachers like it was in the past. If teachers only dish out knowledge like Wikipedia, they won't be respected."

Israel Police responded: "We would like to reiterate what we said last night: We are saddened by the statements made in the name of 'anonymous sources.' Israel Police handles the significant tasks and challenges it is faced with, does not involve itself with the appointment of ministers, and will accept any decisions made by the political echelon."