Iskander missile
Iskander missileReuters

New satellite photos published by ImageSat International (ISI) revealed that the Russian military has been deploying ballistic missile systems in Syria, according to the photographs, which are surface-to-surface missile systems capable of reaching 500 kilometers (310 miles).

The Russian army has been training the deployment of an Iskander missile system at the Russian Air Force base in Syria, the Russian news agency IRNA reported.

The Iskander missiles, or the SS-26, are ground-to-ground missiles designed for a range of 500 kilometers. These missiles are very effective because of their accuracy and because of their heavy warhead weighing about half a ton. The range of error of these missiles is about 5-7 meters.

The Russians have used these systems in many cases, mainly as a political deterrent. For example, the Russian army has placed SS-26 missile systems in the Kaliningrad enclave on the Baltic coast, threatening Europe. This has often led to a diplomatic crisis between Russia and the United States.