United Torah Judaism exit meeting with President
United Torah Judaism exit meeting with PresidentHezki Baruch

The arm-wrestling around the Draft Law has begun: Even before coalition negotiations began and against the background of the increase in their strength to 8 seats, UTJ representatives made clear that if the Draft Law is left unresolved, they will precipitate repeated elections.

"We thank G-d for the great blessing that we received eight seats in an unprecedented manner," a UTJ statement said.

The announcement was made following the first faction meeting held at Degel Hatorah, attended by the future Knesset Members and those placed in positions 9 and 10 on the list, Rabbi Hassid and Rabbi Baruchi.

"The faction made a decision that we will insist that anyone who studies Torah and his Torah is his life can continue to learn without hindrance and we'll insist on it," the statement said.

They also clarified that if the sensitive issue is left unresolved as demanded, it will lead to repeated elections. "We are telling HQ chiefs throughout the country to stay on full alert, and if G-d forbid, this issue won't be resolved, we've proved we have no problem going for repeat elections," they said.