Mosques built atop Temple Mount
Mosques built atop Temple MountiStock

A small fire broke out on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Monday, authorities said Tuesday afternoon.

The fire broke out at a guard's booth on the Temple Mount, though Israeli police emphasize that the blaze was "quickly extinguished" and the site is currently open.

The blaze broke out on Monday evening around the same time as Paris's Notre-Dame cathedral burned, police said.

Israeli police said that the cause of the fire had yet to be determined, and that an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the fire had been launched.

The Jordan-based Waqf, or Islamic trust, which administers the Temple Mount claimed that the fire burned a guard's room above what is known as the Marwani prayer room.

The Waqf claimed that the fire was caused by youths playing with fire, without providing further details

AFP contributed to this report.