Netanyahu and Putin
Netanyahu and PutinKobi Gidon, GPO

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday at the start of his meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that "as you know, it was our military personnel who located missing IDF soldier Zachary Baumel's grave in coordination with the Syrian army."

Netanyahu replied, "Two years ago, I turned to you with a personal request that you help us find the remains of the soldiers, including Zachary Baumel's, and you responded immediately."

"You have done outstanding work and even endangered Russian soldiers for this purpose. I want to thank you, in my name and that of the people of Israel, for what you did, and for the courageous friendship. it is important to us and our relationship," added Netanyahu.

Baumel had gone missing during the Battle of Sultan Yaqub in the 1982 Lebanon War. After 37 years, it was announced yesterday that his remains had been brought back to Israel.