As terrorists jailed in Israel continue to protest efforts by Israeli authorities to prevent the use of smuggled cell phones by security prisoners, prison guards are preparing for possible future attacks by Arab terrorists inside Israeli detention facilities.

In recent months, Palestinian Arab terrorists – particularly those associated with the Hamas terror group – have launched a series of protests, including rioting and hunger strikes, following a campaign by the Israeli Prison Service to crackdown on the smuggling and use of cellular devices by terrorists in Israeli detention facilities.

In January, Arab terrorists held at Ofer prison off Route 443 west of Jerusalem rioted after prison officials made a surprise inspection of the terrorist wing of the facility, confiscating a number of cell phones, cell phone SIM cards, and even weapons.

Prisoners responded by rioting and setting fires in the prison. Two guards were injured as a result of the arsons.

In the wake of incidents like the Ofer prison riot, Israeli authorities have installed cell blockers, intended to prevent the use of cellular phones inside prison facilities.

Last week, Hamas terrorists held in the southern Israeli prison of K’tziot stabbed and wounded two Israeli prison guards, leaving one in serious condition.

Following the string of violent incidents by terrorists in Israeli jails, the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) is gearing up for additional escalations, and is even preparing for major attacks including kidnappings and deadly attacks on guards.

With a new wave of protests by prisoners planned next week, and demands by the Hamas terror organization that Israel remove cell phone blockers from detention facilities, the Israeli Prison Service is holding drills for prison guards to prepare them for a wide array of possible attacks and other incidents.

According to a report by Maariv, the drills include scenarios ranging from attempts by prisoners to kidnap guards, attempts to murder guards, arson attacks within prison facilities, and prison riots.

Officials in the IPS also said that a variety of punitive actions and sanctions would be imposed on prisoners participating in next week’s protest, including loss of rights and privileges such as family visits and activity time out of the cell block. In some cases, IPS officials said, prisoners could be confined to solitary confinement.

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