Evacuation of the prison guard who was wounded in a stabbing attack in K'tziot Prison
Evacuation of the prison guard who was wounded in a stabbing attack in K'tziot PrisonPhoto by Meir Even Haim/Flash90

The Left-Wing 'Omdim Beyachad' (standing together) movement, which is supported by the New Israel Fund, will join the rally organized by the Arab public's monitoring committee opposite K'tziot Prison.

The demonstration will take place tomorrow to express support for the security prisoners who are waging a struggle against the intention to limit the use of mobile phones in their cells.

The demonstrators claim that the Prisons Service harasses prisoners in K'tziot Prison, commits harsh physical and verbal violence against them, and prevents them from contacting their families.

According to Omdim Beyachad, the Prisons Service used the attack in K'tziot Prison last month in which a jailed Hamas terrorist stabbed two prison personnel, as an excuse to harass the prisoners.

"Such violence is unacceptable, but in no way can it serve as an excuse for collective punishment and the denial of basic and minimal rights from all prisoners in a sweeping and uniform manner," the movement stated.

"We will protest against IPS violence and collective punishment, and solidarity with prisoners and their families. Even a person who committed a crime and was sentenced to imprisonment is still a human being and is entitled to humane treatment and respect."

Shai Glick, the director of the B'Tsalmo organization, attacked the organizers of the demonstration in support of the Palestinians: "This is the crossing of a red line. The New Israel Fund claims that it is a Zionist organization that works for the benefit of the citizens of Israel, but it is currently financing a demonstration for terrorists who are fighting to let them continue to bring in cell phones and to plan attacks from within the prison."