Hamas terrorist (file)
Hamas terrorist (file)Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

A senior Hamas official on Tuesday denied reports that the ceasefire deal expected to go into effect in the coming days includes a section on prisoner swaps, the the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Denying the report, senior Hamas official Moussa Dudin, who is responsible for the prisoners' portfolio in the terror organization, emphasized: "These are rumors intended to calm the prisoners' spirits in the prisons and their unity."

Earlier on Tuesday, Hamas' Al-Quds TV channel reported that the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas will include a section on prisoner swaps.

Previous reports regarding the ceasefire claimed that it would ease the restrictions on the fishing area and gradually open the Gaza crossings to allow additional goods through, as well as allow the Qatari money into Gaza.

Israel has already begun implementing the deal, but a balloon attached to an explosive device landed Monday in Sderot, and another explosive balloon failed to cross the border before exploding within Gaza.