Ron Kukia
Ron KukiaCourtesy of the family

The Be'er Sheva District Court on Monday afternoon handed a life sentence plus twenty additional years to a terrorist who murdered IDF soldier Ron Kukia in Arad in November 2017.

The terrorist, Khaled Abu Jouda, will also be required to pay Kukia's family the maximum penalty given in criminal case: 258,000 NIS ($71,163).

The trial of a second terrorist, Jouda's brother Zahi, is still ongoing.

During the trial, Kukia's father Boaz pushed to give Jouda the death sentence.

"The State of Israel does not do enough to fight and reduce terror," he said. "We expect the prosecution to demand the death penalty for this lowly terrorist, who is a citizen of Israel and betrayed his country."

"There is no reason tho hold lowly murderers in jail for life sentences. I hope that the death penalty law will be advanced in the Knesset and that so will the law deducting terror salaries from the money given to the Palestinian Authority, which incites terror and pays terrorists' families, in essence maintaining the entire circle of terror in Israel."

Kukia also slammed Jouda's father for not condemning the murder.

"The murderers' father, Odeh Abu Jouda, did not condemn the act. Odeh sowed trouble by having several wives, some of whom are not legal, such as the mother of one of the terrorists. She's Palestinian," he said.

"We demand the authorities deal criminally and civilly with the murderers' father, since he broke the law before the murder and especially afterwards, by bringing the murderer's mother back twice after he divorced her. He added insult to injury.

"The fact that the authorities until now have not dealt with the lawlessness of the murderers' father show they have neglected their jobs and responsibilities. This will cause the Bedouin sector to dismiss and disrespect the law, which will bring additional terror activities."