IDF soldiers on the Gaza border (illustrative)
IDF soldiers on the Gaza border (illustrative)Yossi Zamir/Flash90

A diplomatic source on Monday told Arutz Sheva that Israel's response to the rocket which hit a family home and injured seven Monday morning will likely be no different than its response to the rocket which landed in an open area near Tel Aviv two weeks ago.

According to the source, Israel will carry out aerial attacks, but it will not begin a more significant operation and "certainly will not [begin] a widescale military operation."

The source also said that for both security and diplomatic reasons there needs to be a significant response, but it cannot be one that causes a deterioration on the Gaza border, leading to ongoing fighting and forcing the IDF to move ground forces into Gaza.

He estimates that the reinforcements being sent to southern Israel are mostly intended as a signal and a warning to terror organizations, intended as deterrence and to prevent additional attacks after the IDF's expected retaliation.

Earlier on Monday, the IDF declared several areas bordering Gaza as closed military zones, including the Zikim Beach and the areas near the fence at Nahal Oz and Netiv Ha'asarah.