Home hit by rocket
Home hit by rocketHezki Baruch

Zvi Yehezkeli, News 13's analyst for Arab issues, believes the rocket fire from Gaza was not a mistake and will continue.

"If I were part of Hamas, I'd do the same," Yechezkel explained. "I'd shoot and then apologize, and just put more facts on the ground. From Hamas' perspective, this is the best time to fire."

Why, because we're just before elections?

"Because it's a war of attrition. They'll keep at it until we get sick of it and start paying attention to Gaza. The more they upset you, the more you're afraid of a military operation. It gives them money, rehabilitates Gaza, and keeps Hamas in power. Hamas will tell the world that Israel attacked it, and trapped its citizens. You'll leave them alone, with no operations, and they'll start demonstrating in Gaza in protest of the high cost of living.

"From Hamas' perspective, there's nothing better than dealing with Israel. Everyone pays attention to it and at the end of the day, you'll see that money flows to Gaza. I don't know if they're trying to influence the elections like they did in '96, but if I were in Hamas, I'd do that right now."

Just one week ago, [Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu raised the sum.

"When you give a child a candy, you expect him to be quiet, but he'll always want more. It's extortion. They know we're scared of an operation and we're deterred from entering Gaza. Did you see how Hamas' spokesman said that the rocket fired at Tel Aviv was a mistake?

So they're just making a laughingstock out of us?


What do you suggest we do?

"If you want to fire - fire. If you want to talk - talk. Don't threaten to do something you're incapable of doing. If the problem in Gaza is humanitarian - then solve it. I would bring down the Hamas government, but we're not capable of doing that."

Who will come after them?

"Certainly, the next ones to come will be better. If Hamas is brought down and an international force comes in, we'll see a power much more moderate than what there is today. I think the Gaza Strip is tired after three wars in twelve years."

Does that mean conquering the Strip?

"Not necessarily. I'm not a general, but if you decide what you're going to do - do it."

What does it mean to 'bring down the Hamas government'?

"Rockets are flying, and we're not doing anything. Whatever you push off, you'll need to do in the end. Egypt is also in the picture, but they can't help. [Egyptian President Abdel el-Sisi closed the Gazans in and he's on our side. If Israel had wanted, Sisi would help us dry up the Hamas government. Instead, the opposite is happening, and that's the mistake."