Sasson Lilu, the grandfather of the girl wounded in Monday morning's rocket attack, told Arutz Sheva that the fact that no one was killed was a "huge huge miracle."

In the attack, a family home sustained a direct hit, and seven people were injured.

"First off, it was horrific," Lilu said. "It was a huge huge miracle for the family. Just a miracle, a miracle, a miracle."

"In my opinion, if we really want this story to end, we need to take their families and send them to places like Syria, where they can be with Hamas. Then they'll understand that it's unacceptable to do what they're doing."

Lilu also said his granddaughter's condition is improving.

"My granddaughter, thank G-d, is doing much better. This was an absolute miracle and we need to wake up."

Did you ever imagine that a rocket from Gaza could reach here one day?

"We didn't believe it, and look, a rocket reached here. We need to wake up, the entire nation of Israel needs to understand that we can't make peace with them," he said.

"There's no peace with them. The best way is to take the families of the terrorist [sic] and send them to Syria. Then no one will do this."