Benny Gantz
Benny GantzYuval Cohen Aharonov

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz believes that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would be willing to physically harm him, according to recordings of private conversations with confidants broadcast on Channel 13 on Sunday evening.

"If Netanyahu had a way that I could be harmed, that I would be killed, he would do it," Gantz said in the recording. "Would the regular Binyamin Netanyahu want me harmed? The answer is no. Would the Binyamin Netanyahu on the eve of elections be willing to harm me? Yes, unfortunately," Gantz added.

Another recording was of a conversation that took place after Gantz's phone was hacked. He raised the possibility that Iran was behind the cyber attack but also mentions that it could have been Netanyahu colluding with the Kremlin against him.

Gantz also referred to Netanyahu's legal fate. "This man knows that he's going to jail. He knows that no matter what he's going to jail. The only place that he's a free man is when he's in office."

Netanyahu's Likud party responded to the Channel 13 report, saying, "Benny Gantz has lost it. After accusing the prime minister of treason, he now accuses the prime minister of sending people to murder him. If Benny Gantz reveals signs of advanced paranoia after two weeks of 'pressure' in an election campaign, how could he run a country?"