The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee, continues to benefit from the bountiful rains Israel has received this season, rising 3.5 centimeters over the weekend.

The Kinneret now sits at 212 meters and 21.5 centimeters below sea level, according to the Water Authority.

The current level is 78.5 centimeters higher than the lower red line and is 3 meters and 41.5 centimeters away from being considered 'full.'

Rain is expected to return in the coming days, causing the rate of the Kinneret's rise to accelerate.

The weather today will be partly cloudy to cloudy and temperatures will drop. Local rains are expected and there may be isolated thunderstorms.

Heavy rains are expected this evening, which will gradually expand to the entire country and feature thunderstorms and hail. Snow will fall on Mount Hermon and authorities warned of possible flash floods in the Negev streams.

Tomorrow the weather will mostly be cloudy. Temperatures will fall further and will be lower than normal. Rain will continue to fall accompanied by thunderstorms and hail from the north of the country to the Negev. It will continue to snow on the Hermon. There is still fear of flooding in the eastern and southern streams. Toward the evening the rains will gradually weaken and diminish.

On Tuesday the weather will be partly cloudy with no significant change in temperatures, which will continue to be lower than usual for the season. In the north and center of the country there will still be light local rain.

On Wednesday it will be partly cloudy and there will be a slight increase in temperatures. Is expected to rain locally. There may be thunderstorms mainly in the north of the country.