Ettinger family
Ettinger familyCourtesy of the family

A fundraising drive for the future of the children of Rabbi Achiad Ettinger was launched Tuesday by friends of the Ettinger family from the town of Eli.

The initiators of the drive explained: "We invite you to be partners and look after the future of the Ettinger family. In such situations, the State thank G-d knows how to look after the present; we want to look after the future."

"We want to make sure that when Tamar wants to marry them off, she won't ask herself, 'How will I afford it?'

"Join with us in looking after all of their futures: 12 children, 12 weddings, 12 more homes in our beautiful country. Be our partners!"

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Following media reports yesterday and today, the family reported: "In light of conflicting media reports, we want to clarify: At first we refused to accept donations as was originally published."

"But after a conversation with the rabbi of the community, Rabbi Avraham Schiller, we decided to accept the public's assistance and to receive the donations that will come through a charitable and benevolent fund to ensure a strong financial future for the children of Rabbi Achiad."