The Yachad party run by former minister Eli Yishai on Sunday published a video clip explaining why the party decided to run independently instead of joining the Jewish Home's list.

"People ask me, 'Where's Eli Yishai, who got rid of the infiltrators and put the Supreme Court in its place?'" Yishai explained in the clip.

According to Yishai, he did not join the Jewish Home's joint list with National Union and Otzma Yehudit because he understood that they didn't fully comprehend the implications of a joint list.

"They asked me how I agreed to compromise on the ninth place, but I'm not looking to sit in the Knesset," he said. "That's why I was willing to pay such any price- because the moment I realized that my partners that my partners did not understand how important it is, and that it's a personal game, I left them."

He also said his party will do its best to succeed in the elections - unless Rabbi Mazuz tells him to quit the race.

"If Rabbi Mazus tells me, 'Forget running for the elections, we've done our best,' then I will get up and leave," Yishai emphasized. "Maybe I'm running for Knesset a bit late, but I'm going to go all the way."

Yishai's party is not expected to cross the electoral threshold.