Ayelet Shaked at conference at Tel Aviv stock exchange
Ayelet Shaked at conference at Tel Aviv stock exchangeFLASH90

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (New Right) made it clear that she intends to enlist help in the effort to cancel the Disengagement Law in the next coalition.

Shaked attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and said that the prime minister blocked the cancellation of the Disengagement Law in the previous term for political reasons.

Afterward, the minister said that if the new right-wing party receives enough power in the next term, it will act to annul the Disengagement Law.

In recent weeks dozens of families who have lived in the northern Samaria town of Homesh have been pushing for the cancellation of the Disengagement Law. In the past few days, the campaign headquarters have received statements from a number of Knesset members and ministers who claimed that they would act to repeal the law in the next Knesset.

Fighting alongside the families is Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Council, who leads the struggle. Dagan said that this issue is about Jewish and Israeli territory, and that every day that passes in which the Disengagement Law is not repealed is a great injustice to the residents. Dagan also said that he expects the national camp to promote the annulment of the Disengagement Law both in the platform and after the elections.

"I am glad that there are already designated Knesset members who have declared that they will act in favor of the matter, they will examine their actions after the elections," Dagan said.