Temple Mount
Temple MountFlash90

The United Right party on Tuesday responded to the firebomb attack on the Temple Mount, which burned a police post.

The United Right consists of three factions: Otzma Yehudit, Jewish Home, and National Union.

"The security incident on the Temple Mount is a result of the lawlessness and powerlessness in dealing with the Golden Gate over the past weeks," the party said in a statement.

"When we stutter regarding enforcing our sovereignty on the Temple Mount, when we keep discussing crazy peace plans - terror raises its head. The Cabinet members must meet immediately and fulfill their obligation to fight terror and the continued damage to our sovereignty in Jerusalem, Israel's capital. Anyone who cannot do this will end up having to deal with violence which kills more than a firebomb."

Last month, Arabs violently forced their way through the Golden Gate. In response, Israel promised to fix the building's leaks and allow Arabs to continue using the Golden Gate, which has been closed since it was discovered that those running the site were connected to the Hamas terror organization.