Hamas terrorists (illustrative)
Hamas terrorists (illustrative)Reuters

The Arab Al-Hadaf news site on Tuesday reported that a senior Hamas source exposed the terror organization's intensified activities, Israel Hayom reported.

These activities, the source said, are intended to foil an "extensive Israeli operation" in Gaza, expected to take place before the April 9 elections.

The site quoted a Hamas official as saying that despite Egypt's efforts to broker peace, Hamas is preparing for an escalation with Israel, and Israel has intensified its activities in Gaza.

Hamas leaders have also changed the guidelines for the military wing in an attempt to prevent agents from operating within Gaza. The new guidelines demand terror activists avoid receiving any type of gifts from those who they do not know, avoid walking or driving alone at night, and completely avoid smartphones which have not been inspected.

"Israel is liable to use something happening in the field, such as the firing of a rocket, in order to begin an unprecedented aerial attack on opposition sites and leaders around Gaza," the source said.

The report also said that several people were arrested on suspicion of being Israeli agents, and that the terror organizations have been especially wary of Israeli agents and that a network of locals had aided the IDF in infiltrating Gaza.