In a video released today for the first time in response to the storm caused by the Attorney General's decision to close the complaint against Breaking the Silence for "lack of public interest", the Ad Kan organization claims that "Breaking the Silence is collecting military intelligence on IDF soldiers."

The video revealed for the first time that the organization also collects information about IDF activity in Syria.

During the video clip, organization researchers question men they believe to be simple discharged soldiers about the situation on the border with Syria and Gaza, questions unrelated to "human rights" issues or the Judea and Samaria theater.

The film features two researchers from Breaking the Silence, Ron Zeidel and Alon Saar, who interview H. from the Ad Kan organization. They ask him about "the mortar platoon emplacement, does it sit in the checkpoint compound?".

The video continues and shows questions asked of disguised Ad Kan activists by Breaking the Silence researchers, thinking they were released soldiers. Ron Zeidel asks H. a number of questions that have no connection to the "occupation". "You threw out something about the tunnels, can you tell me a little about it? Did anyone ever tell you what the mission statement of Unit 504 is? And do you know what's on this robot; is it operational, or is it in an experiment? Did you ever get to see what it broadcasts? Are you sure you saw a machine gun on it?"

In another talk a different investigator named Roi Peled asked R. from Ad Kan, "and did they find a tunnel by the way?" Peled then asks R. "Let's talk a little bit about Syria, you had over there in the area ​​sniper ambushes?"

From the video
From the videoAd Kan Spokesman

Ad Kan Director Gilad Shaked says "Breaking the Silence is collecting military intelligence, period.

"The questions we reveal in the video asked by the Breaking the Silence are unrelated to human rights and the conduct of the IDF in Judea and Samaria at all. What does Breaking the Silence have to do with Syria? What do they have to do with classified technology? What other information do they possess? We at Ad Kan will continue to expose to the public the true faces of Breaking the Silence and all the anti-Israeli organizations. We will not stop until the attacks against IDF soldiers and the State of Israel stop."

About three years ago Channel 2 conducted an investigation of the Breaking the Silence organization using documentation provided by the Ad Kan organization that revealed Breaking the Silence had collected military information about the IDF.

Ad Kan organization subsequently filed a complaint with the police and the State Prosecutor's Office against Breaking the Silence, a complaint that the State Attorney's Office rejected. Ad Kan continued and appealed the decision of the State Prosecutor's Office, who recently ruled that the State Attorney's Office decision should be supported and an investigation not be opened due to "lack of public interest".

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