Givat Asaf attack scene
Givat Asaf attack sceneEliyahu Dahari/ZAKA

Moti Mor Yosef, the father of St.-Sgt. Yuval Mor Yosef, who was murdered in the attack on Givat Assaf, is furious at the decision to sentence three soldiers from the Netzah Yehudah Battalion (Nahal Haredi) to six and a half months in prison for beating detainees who collaborated in the murder of his son.

According to Mor Yosef, the IDF is repeating the mistake it made with Elor Azariya. "We are sorry to hear that this is how it ended and not with a total acquittal. We repeated this several times that soldiers came to an unpleasant situation after their friends were killed, a situation they were not supposed to be in, and yet they were. True, they made a mistake, but it had to end with the battalion and that's what the battalion commander tried to do and it did not work. I hope that other soldiers will not take this as an example that could deter young people from serving in combat units. The situation of a show trial like that held for Elor Azaria shows that the IDF did not learn its lesson."

Mor Yosef claimed that the Netzah Yehuda Battalion was attacked and that the memory of the fallen soldiers has been damaged. "To reach a situation in which soldiers are judged as criminals, to present them as human animals, as they have defined them, is terrible."

"I knew the soldiers. I had some of them over at my house. My son invited his entire platoon home to the evening [and it is a group of] soldiers with strong values. I tried to talk to the battalion commander who tried to close the case with in the battalion. Cases like this also happened in other units, in Golani units of paratroopers, and then it was closed within the battalion. There is a tendency to harm, and they tried to harm the 'Netzah Yehuda' battalion. They made a pretty big assault on this battalion because it's a haredi battalion. that mobilizes soldiers who want to enlist and integrate into society. There is testimony from the entire high command that relies on this battalion and the Kfir Brigade and sends them to dangerous places in the territories. But look what's happening in the media, how they make all kinds of plans and debriefings to denigrate their names even after everything that happened in the battalion recently. They also insulted our sons who were killed. In operational activity, soldiers are wounded and killed, and my son was killed as a soldier. There were stories that they were negligent about whether soldiers were killed in elite brigades.

The bereaved father intends to visit the soldiers in prison. "We will visit them in prison, and even though they are going to be released after Independence Day, it's a shame that it came to this. They should not have turned them into criminals. They went to arrest the murderer and the collaborators who murdered their friends, what they thought they would do to them, prepare them a cup of coffee, hug them, give them candy?"

Today, the trial of terrorist murderer Barghouti will begin. Mor Yosef calls on all party leaders to declare whether they support the death penalty for terrorists: "The trial of Barghouti, the murderer of Yuval and Yosef Cohen, may begin, and I want to appeal here to all the heads of the major parties. The military lawyers cannot demand the death penalty because in government policy there is no such punishment,. They can demand the maximum sentence of life imprisonment, but no one assures me that they will not be released in some stupid deal that may take place in another year or two. They should say in public, are they in favor of the death penalty for terrorists, so I know who to vote for in the next elections. Today, lawyers can not demand this punishment because it does not exist in government policy, even though it is one of the ways that deter terrorists from carrying out attacks.