Scene of the accident
Scene of the accidentMDA

Six people were injured Sunday evening in a car accident in northern Israel, including two in serious condition.

The accident occurred on Route 89 near Kibbutz Ein Zeitim, just north of Safed (Tzfat), when a private vehicle carrying five people collided with a pickup truck.

According to first responders, the driver of the five family members involved in the accident were trapped in their car following accident. The driver of the pickup truck was also trapped in his vehicle following the crash.

MDA paramedics were called to the scene, treating the six victims before evacuating them for treatment.

Two of the six victims, a woman and her daughter, were seriously injured in the crash, while the other four victims have been listed in moderate condition. The two most seriously injured victims were evacuated via helicopter to Rambam hospital in Haifa, while the other four were taken to Ziv medical center in Tzfat.

“This was a very serious car accident,” said senior MDA paramedic Yoel Rivel. “Five passengers were trapped in the private car in the middle of the road. The female driver had suffered serious injuries to her head and limbs and was trapped. Four children, ages three to 10 were injured in serious and moderate condition and were in shock. They were freed from the car and given life-saving medical treatment. The female driver was pulled from the car by fire and rescue teams.”

“The driver of the truck that was involved in the accident was trapped in his vehicle, and was pulled out with the help of additional MDA teams. He was suffering from contusions on his chest and limbs and is in moderate condition. A large number of MDA units were dispatched to the scene and provided life-saving medical treatment to the injured, who were evacuated via MDA helicopter to Rambam hospital, and by ambulance to the intensive care unit in the nearby Ziv hospital.”