Orly Levi-Abekasis
Orly Levi-AbekasisFlash 90

MK Orly Levi-Abekasis, head of the Gesher party, believes her party will be in the next Knesset and is confident she has an advantage on social issues over the Kulanu party and its leader, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon.

"The difference between him and me is not that he did not come from the social sphere. He tried, but the result of the test is destructive," Levi-Abekasis told Channel 12 News in an interview.

She also discussed her negotiations with Benny Gantz on a joint Knesset run and revealed why they ultimately failed. "In the end, the gaps were unbridgeable. The issue of credibility is one that is important to me, and from my point of view it is difficult to ignore."

At the same time, she said that she does not rule out being part of the next government, whether it is led by Binyamin Netanyahu or by Benny Gantz. "When you stand in front of someone who intends to be prime minister, and he lies to you in your face – that’s politics and we have that on both the right and the left. I am not going with them on a date or to a wedding, the persona doesn’t interest me. The content - whoever accepts our party platform and our demand for a national program, that’s who we will go with."

In Levi-Abekasis’ opinion, the election campaign still does not deal with subjects that really interest the citizens. "There were events that changed the agenda, new generals and the Attorney General. Along the way, they forgot about the citizen and the issues that are important to him. It’s as if the fate of the state is detached from that of the citizen."

The Kulanu party responded by saying, "It's a shame that the failure in the polls has caused Orly to slander everyone in her path. The fact that she does not pass the electoral threshold is no reason to lose her respect."