Rabbi Eli Sadan
Rabbi Eli SadanצHillel Meir

Rabbi Eli Sadan, the head of the pre-military preparatory committee, compared the silence surrounding the Muslim immigration process imposed on the public in Europe to the public debate on LGBT rights in Israel.

In an internal letter to the closed forum of heads of the pre-military academies, Rabbi Sadan brought up the book The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray.

In his book, Murray described how, while Britain is being flooded by millions of immigrants who brought with them a Muslim culture, they are turning the 'White British' (Murray's nickname) into a minority in their capital and state, and completely changing British culture.

According to Rabbi Sadan, "anyone who dared to speak against immigration or at least demand a discussion of this question was attacked as a fascist, was fired from his job, and thus the process reached no return."

"I have no interest in expressing opinions about what is happening in Europe," wrote Rabbi Sadan. "I mention this book because it clearly describes how the British majority was prevented from raising a discussion, to express a position on whether the massive immigration process 10 years is acceptable. The process is imposed on the public through silencing."

Rabbi Sadan wrote the letter in response to a letter sent by members of the Shaveh Forum, a group of cadets from the LGBT community who demanded about three weeks ago to remove the Ali Mechina from the pre-army preparatory committee because several rabbis had criticized LGBT behavior.

Rabbi Sadan accused the Shaveh Forum of attempting to silence debate in Israel the way debate over immigration in Europe has been silenced. "I call on all heads of the preparatory schools to oppose this type of discourse, which is the real danger to Israeli democracy."