Lost: A quarter of a million NIS
Lost: A quarter of a million NISIsrael Railways

Cleaning staff at the Ra'anana West train station discovered a bag containing 234,000 NIS in checks on a train arriving from Be'er Sheva.

The checks belonged to an engineering company.

Shift manager Alon Katriel went through the list of stations the train in question had stopped at, and quickly discovered that a passenger who boarded at Rosh Ha'ayin had reported losing a bag with money.

According to the passenger, she fell asleep while traveling and hurried to disembark the moment she woke up. In her rush, she forgot the bag with the checks on the train.

Katriel verified the passenger's story via the details on the checks, contacted her, and she arrived late at night to collect the bag.

This is not the first time Katriel has worked to return valuables to their owners. Previously, a forgotten suitcase containing passports and visas was found on a train. Katriel brought the suitcase to its owner, allowing him to board his flight at the last minute.

"I am happy that I managed to return such a valuable," he said. "This is an enormous sum of money, and for me it's a great mitzvah (Torah commandment - ed.). I call on every passenger who lost an item on the train not to give up and to turn to the train or station staff, or to the hotline. We will do everything we can to return the missing object."