Scene of the ramming attack
Scene of the ramming attackSTR/Flash90

The IDF soldier who was severely wounded in a Monday morning ramming attack and the Border Police officer who was lightly wounded in the same attack killed two Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs and wounded a third, the PA's Wafa claimed.

In the attack, a vehicle carrying three PA Arabs rammed into a vehicle carrying IDF soldiers. The soldiers, who were injured, fired on the terrorists, eliminating two of them and wounding a third.

According to Wafa, the ramming was not a terror attack but rather a car accident caused by adverse weather conditions.

"On Monday during the early morning hours, Amir Daraj, Yousouf al-Ankawi, and Haitham Alkam were in their private vehicle after completing their work in the city of Beitunia, west of Ramallah. They were on their way to Kafr Nammi, so that they could continue on to their villages, [which are located] nearby," Wafa claimed.

"In a dangerous turn at the entrance to the village and due to adverse weather conditions and heavy fog, the car they were traveling in slipped and suddenly soldiers from the occupation, who were at the scene, began firing at them. [The soldiers] did not hesitate, and killed Amir from Kafr Kharbatha al-Misbah, Yousouf from Beit Sira, and severely injured Haitham from Kafr Safa."

Wafa also quoted the head of the Nammi Council as calling the incident an "execution."