Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium
Grand Place in Brussels, BelgiumiStock

Belgium Chief Rabbi Avraham Gigi, who serves as a member of the Conference of European Rabbis, slammed the anti-Semitic puppets displayed at the Aalst carnival.

The puppets depicted religious Jews, holding rats and money bags.

"These are horrific pictures and they remind us of very dark days in Europe's history," Rabbi Gigi said. "The worst part of this issue is the fact that this embarrassing carnival is funded by UNESCO. Instead of an international organization such as this promoting tolerance and respect, they promote ideas of anti-Semitic hatred, incitement, and racism."

"I am very concerned about the displays of anti-Semitism in Belgium, which have become more frequent, I believe, since the terrorists who killed two people and injured another two people in the Jewish museum in Belgium are currently on trial and since anti-Semitic incidents are becoming more frequent around Europe.

"Over the weekend, I will return to Belgium and meet with the official in charge of anti-Semitism and the heads of the European Union in order to express the concerns of European Jewry and to hear from them how all the dark forms of anti-Semitism can be dealt with in a determined and systematic fashion.

"They have the tools necessary to enforce the Union's laws against these trends and incidents."