Chairman Smotrich
Chairman SmotrichFlash 90

National Union party chairman Bezalel Smotrich stated Sunday that New Right leader Naftali Bennett would not support the enactment of the 'French Law' which would prevent sitting prime ministers from being indicted.

Smotrich wrote on Twitter that his party would support such legislation if it is brought to the Knesset for approval after the elections, should Prime Minister Netanyahu win another term.

"We will support it," declared Smotrich. "If Netanyahu wins the public's confidence in the upcoming elections in order to form a government and head it, it will be necessary to enact a law that will postpone his trial."

According to Smotrich, such a law is necessary "in order to serve two critical interests: 1. Respect for the democratic decision and the will of the people. 2. Optimal administration of the state by whoever is elected without this being hindered in the conduct of legal proceedings."

"These two public interests override the interest in the immediate realization of the law in crimes that, even if proven (and they are still far removed from it), are at the lowest level of criminal offenses, and everything else will harm humanity or democracy (the overthrow of an elected prime minister) or the administration of the state (in which the PM must govern in parallel with legal proceeding), or both," Smotrich said.