Construction in Jerusalem (archive)
Construction in Jerusalem (archive)Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The Jerusalem City Council is set to approve a plan to construct 25,000 new housing units in the capital, including about 10,000 units for the haredi population.

As part of the agreements, several new haredi neighborhoods will be established in Jerusalem in the next few years, including 'Ramot 07' in northern Ramot, where 2,000 housing units will be built for the haredi public.

Another neighborhood will be established between the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood and Neve Ya'akov. The neighborhood will be called 'Moradot Neve Ya'akov' and also include 2,000 housing units for the haredi publib.

Other neighborhoods, such as Har Nof, Ramot, and Shmuel Hanavi will see expansions with thousands of new units.

The plan had been delayed during Nir Barkat's tenure as mayor of Jerusalem and has moved forward under current mayor Moshe Leon.