Dr. Joseph Frager
Dr. Joseph FragerArutz Sheva

I was in Israel with Pete Hegseth of Fox last week and it was Wall to Wall People in Jerusalem. Most were Christians tourists who decided to use President’s week to visit the Holy Land.

Although the vast majority of Christians visiting Israel are doing so in support of the State, not all are so inclined.

On January 29, 2019 the World Council of Churches announced that it was pulling its “ecumenical accompaniers” from Hebron due to “security concerns”.

The World Council of Churches Program in Israel ostensibly sends delegates to “monitor” and “report human rights abuses”.

It is all a sham. The organization works with fringe anti-Israel organizations such as B’eTselem and Breaking the Silence. It took years to finally expose the World Council of Churches Program for what it is-an Anti-Israel Group with an Anti-Israel agenda.

The members of the Church Program would present themselves as “pilgrims” who were touring the area. They would roam around Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria wearing their telltale brown vests with the letters EAPPI (Ecumenical accompaniers Programme in Palestine and Israel) on them.

They would come specifically on the Jewish Sabbath “ to bother us, to make provocations, together with Israeli radical Left-wing organizations together with Palestinian organizations” one observer said. They would carry maps which they claimed were tourist’s maps but on closer inspection these maps marked exact spots where Jewish homes stood. There activities are illegal in Israel. They collect intelligence on military operations. They were doing this specifically in Hebron. As a result they were expelled from Hebron. NGO monitor documented two EAPPI activists using extreme anti-semitic rhetoric on their social media accounts.

The Program is fully funded by European governments and Churches. They support terrorism. As an example only days after a brutal terror attack at Halamish in July 2017 in which Omar al-Abed murdered Yosef Salomon, his daughter Chaya and his son Elad, EAPPI “activists” visited the terrorist family.

The World Council of Churches has to be brought to judgement. It is not just enough to expel their “activists” from Israel.