Rocket carrying Beresheet spacecraft lifts off in Cape Canaveral
Rocket carrying Beresheet spacecraft lifts off in Cape CanaveralReuters

Space scientist Alex Friedman requested his local rabbi to compose a prayer for the success of the "Beresheet" spacecraft.

Friedman, who belongs to the Chabad hassidic group is one of the leaders of the Israeli space project which launched Beresheet towards the moon.

Recently, he asked Rabbi Gideon Binyamin, who serves as rabbi of Nof Ayalon, to write a "Traveler's Prayer" for him to say during the historical launch.

So if you're planning a trip to space, you may want to print out this prayer and bring it with you.

"May it be your will, L-rd our G-d and G-d of our fathers, that You send blessing and success to everything we do, that You lead our spacecraft to peace and bring it to peace, and save it from all sorts of malfunctions, and allow us to see it reach the moon in peace. And may You bring it back in happiness and in peace. Because G-d gives wisdom, and from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. Because You are a G-d Who hears prayers and supplications. Blessed are You, who hears prayers."