Nissim Zeev
Nissim ZeevHezki Ezra

Former MK Nissim Zeev of Shas expressed his regret that Shas will run wthout Eli Yishai in the current election campaign.

"I was asked to see if there was a chance that he would get involved in Shas and I spoke with rabbis from the Council of Sages and with veteran politicians who told me that there was no chance and it would be a waste to try," said Ze'ev, who retired from Shas four years ago.

"I think that Shas would have increased its strength to nine Knesset seats, thereby honoring the wishes of the great genius Rabbi Meir Mazuz. Just as many respect the will of the sages and accept Deri's leadership, even though not everyone wants it, but it is possible to compromise," he added.

According to him, in the meeting that was now held with Rabbi Mazuz, suggestions were made that insulted the rabbi. "They wanted to give Eli Yishai a role in the Shas educational institutions. It was an embarrassment."

Zeev expressed his displeasure that the Shas leadership did not take Rabbi Mazuz's interests into account. "Just as they are supporting Aryeh Deri because of Rabbi Shalom Cohen, they shouls also support Eili Yishai as the representative of Rabbi Mazuz. I do not demand that Shas honor Eli Yishai, but Rabbi Marzan Mazuz. Unfortunately, it is being held back by the evil inclination. Aryeh Deri vetoed Eli Yishai, and it is an affront to the Torah."

According to Zeev, Yoshai believed that he would be included in the Jewish Home list but was mistaken in his belief. "He believed that they would want him in a place of honor in the first quartet and not as a neglected enclave in the margins and he was right in his demands, but as you approach the final station you had to make a decision and it is not simple. In my opinion, he had to connect first to Otzma Yehudit and then go together to get respectable places on the list. I personally met with Otzma Yehudit and within two hours we reached a draft that was based on the assumption that the talks between Otzma Yehudit and the Jewish Home and National Union would fail. Afterward, they continued negotiations with the Jewish Home and thus Eli left alone with his party. I do not know what he intends to do but it is a missed opportunity for the Jewish Home and the National Union. He would have added more seats for them."

Former MK Nissim Zeev warns that the right is in danger in the upcoming elections. "Kahlon and Lieberman are on the brink of extinction. I do not understand why they do not unite or at least make a technical block. The Land of Israel is currently in danger and it is all because of ego."