Joint Arab List
Joint Arab ListFlash 90

Negotiations between the Arab parties for running on a joint list once again reached a dead end after intensive negotiations.

In light of this, it now appears that in the Arab sector three separate lists will compete in the elections for the 21st Knesset, Hadash, Ta'al and Balad-Ra'am.

"We are prepared to run separately in the elections, but we warn of the loss of votes. We showed great flexibility in the negotiations, and it's a pity that because of chair games, they're endangering the public's interests in a union, especially in light of the connections on the Right and in the Center. "

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas tried to prevent the split, and met in Ramallah with Nazareth Mayor Ali Salam, calling on him to work for a continued unified list.

According to reports, the PA is pressuring the mayor of Nazareth not to join Ahmed Tibi's list so as not to harm the joint list headed by Ayman Odeh.