Orly Levy-Abekasis
Orly Levy-AbekasisFlash 90

Gesher party chairwoman MK Orly Levy-Abekasis announced Wednesday evening that her Gesher party will run independently for the next Knesset.

"Since the signing of those agreements anchored by signed documents, a strange flurry has begun in the Israel Resilience party, including the dissemination of disinformation and deliberate media briefings, a sort of hide-and-seek game as though there were no discussions between us, as if there were no agreements and summaries or commitments, while the chairman, to my amazement, shuts his mouth and remains silent,” Levy-Abekasis said of negotiations with Benny Gantz.

"It is amazing how quickly the new politicians have adopted old and rejected tricks that the public has long grown tired of. How disappointing to discover that specifically the one who heralded a new and clean politics failed his first test - the test of reliability. It is a pity that the man they expected to run Israel emerges as a man run by others,” she said.

"Inexperience brought the man to even come to me today and ask me to give him an extension until he concludes his deal with Lapid. I have no other words to describe this behavior but strange and delusional. In light of the situation, I have come to the conclusion that I won’t take part in the misleading of the public, and therefore Gesher will run independently and will succeed," Levy-Abekasis concluded.