Tamar Kadouri
Tamar Kadouriscreenshot

The Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday extended the detention of the man suspected of murdering Tamar and Yehudah Kadouri in Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood.

The court also extended the detention of the suspect's wife by six days. She is accused of conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

The two suspects are relatives of the Kadouri family, in their thirties. Other members of the family gave testimony as part of the investigation into the double murder.

The father of one of the suspects said: "She's not related [to the murder] at all. You have to use some logic and beyond the simple data. They are innocent. There is anger at the conduct around us, it torments the entire family."

Tamar and Yehuda Kadouri, in their 70s, were found dead on January 13 in their home in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood, with signs of severe violence on their bodies.