MK Tzipi Livni (Hatnua), who on Monday announced that she would be quitting politics, gave an interview to Channel 13 News and responded to a video released by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in which he attacked former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and claimed he had worked for a diplomatic agreement based on the pre-1967 borders.

Livni claimed in the interview that Netanyahu himself agreed to hold negotiations on the basis of uprooting territories. "Netanyahu agreed during the negotiations with former Secretary of State John Kerry and former US President Barack Obama - not only agreed but drafted every letter in a document that says that the basis for negotiations will be the 1967 lines, with the necessary changes," she said.

"Today Netanyahu has the nerve to accuse Gantz of surrendering to Obama," Livni blasted the prime minister. "I was there in the room and I know exactly what he agreed to. Every letter on the page was written by him. Netanyahu does not have the courage to stand up to the public and say that’s what's good for the State of Israel, so he says it's not him, it’s them, instead of a leadership here to tell the public that the separation from the Palestinians is in our interest. "

Livni discussed her decision to retire from politics and said, "This is a very emotional day. I am constantly receiving responses, and some of them bring tears to my eyes. It's a very moving day, not sad, but moving. I can hardly contain all the responses I am receiving. I feel a sense of apology to those who love me and support me so much. I am not relieved, but I am at peace with the decision."

"Politics is a very lonely place. I will not forget the moment when I was about to enter the room where the security trio was sitting, just before we made the decision to bomb the reactor in Syria. Ehud Barak said to me, 'Look up. There is no one upstairs. It's you - and God,'" she recalled.

The Likud said in response to Livni's comments that "US Secretary of State John Kerry testified in his book that Prime Minister Netanyahu opposed his plan and completely removed it off the agenda. ‘It was clear to all of us that Bibi was not interested in security plans that would include a possible military withdrawal,’ Kerry wrote in his book. Netanyahu will continue to protect the land of Israel and the security of Israel. We will not judge Tzipi Livni in her time of sorrow."