Hassan Nasrallah
Hassan NasrallahFerran Queved, Flash 90

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah on Saturday spoke at the Warsaw Summit, promising to conquer the Galilee.

In his speech, Nasrallah noted the normalization process with Israel and said that the summit exposed Israel's ties with several Arab states.

He also said that his terror organization has grown despite sanctions and Israel's assassinations of terrorists.

"Today. every one of our 40 military areas has more weapons than all of Hezbollah had in May 2000," he said. "The Israelis always say that they know everything about me - that doesn't deter us, it does the opposite. If the Israelis know everything about us, it will just deter them more."

"In Israel they admit that they aren't able to invade Lebanon, but they recognize that we're able to invade the Galilee."