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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will announce the selection of a new Foreign Minister next Sunday, the state told the Supreme Court, following decision forcing the premier to give up one of his ministries.

The state notified the Supreme Court Thursday that the Prime Minister will announce his selection of a replacement Foreign Minister at Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

The decision comes after cabinet secretary Tzachi Braverman, in response to a petition by the Movement for Quality Government, that the prime minister cannot serve in three simultaneous positions, in addition to the premiership.

Netanyahu currently serves as not only Prime Minister but also Foreign Minister, Health Minister, and Foreign Minister.

The Movement for Quality Government welcomed the decision.

“We applaud the decision to select [a minister], which came only under legal pressure from the Supreme Court, and we hope that it will indeed be implemented.”

“It is our belief that it is preferable for the Prime Minister not to get to the point where he holds so many important ministerial portfolios, including the Foreign and Defense Ministries, at the same time. We hope that this unacceptable situation, which happened since the beginning of the prime minister’s term, won’t happen again.”

The new foreign minister will serve from next week until the formation of a new government after the legislative elections this April. Netanyahu’s choice for foreign minister has not yet been released.