Eli Yishai with enthusiastic supporters
Eli Yishai with enthusiastic supportersFlash 90

Yahad party Chairman former Interior Minister Eli Yishai does not regret the campaign announcement calling to vote for him "lest there be a father and father".

"When they said haredim are like Hamas no one spoke up; suddenly when a slogan is raised - that isn't approved by me - I'm invited to every radio show," Yishai said at a conference of directors of religious Zionist institutions at the Dead Sea.

"I'm in favor of Mother and Father and I don't apologize," Yishai said, "I don't apologize for the Torah or the Tradition. We want a healthy family unit with a future generation. People today are already ashamed to tell the truth."

Yahad's Chairman called on the right-wing parties to unite: "My goal is to preserve unity on the Right. Unfortunately, we're dealing with ego and honor. We have to show responsibility. I bring with me a right-wing haredi public and this is a large public in the State of Israel. What we hold in common is greater than what divides us."