PeretzElior ben Chaim

Jewish Home Party Chairman Rabbi Peri Peretz rejects the words of New Right leaders that the Jewish Home Party is affiliated with the haredi wing of religious Zionism.

Peretz attended the conference of directors of religious Zionist institutions at the Dead Sea this evening, saying "Jewish Home and National Union are the mainstream of religious Zionism. Not the Likud or the Likud II disguised as the New Right.

"Anyone who tries to tag us is confused. We aren't national haredim and we aren't Litaim, we're the Land of Israel and the people of Israel in the army, in academia, in medicine, in law, and in the media, full of motivation to continue to be partners and leaders in all spheres of life in the State of Israel. This is the path of religious Zionism. This is the way of the Jewish Home that includes traditional, secular, Druze, and anyone who believes in our path. This is the Jewish Home - it belongs to all of us."

Rabbi Peretz stressed, "Jewish Home may have caught a slight blow on the wing, but we mustn't be confused. We're not a party that stopped at the station on the way to the Likud Central Committee, but a rooted and value-based party that will continue to be a significant part of the Knesset and the government of Israel."

During his speech, Peretz appealed to National Union Chairman MK Betzalel Smotrich: "Betzalel my dear brother, I greatly appreciate you and the National Union. We'll know how to walk together. We'll make a great effort and it will end together, with brotherhood and friendship.

"I tell you - the Jewish Home is a house that can contain all shades, types, and study halls, and everyone has a place. Maybe we'll be divided on a few things, so what? Even at home I argue and finally give a kiss and continue."

On the possibility of uniting with Otzmah Yehudit party, Peretz said "Ben-Gvir will win my embrace. The most important thing for me is to be a loyal emissary and to help build the new Jewish Home and be steadfast and go back to 10 and 14 seats, which is possible. The path of religious Zionism is loyalty to state ("mamlachtiut"), to get under the stretcher. We're happy to bear the burden and help repair even if it's incomplete. Anyone who shares what I said now can be a partner. If you're not there - all the best.

The Jewish House Chairman made it clear he would recommend Netanyahu as candidate to form the next government. "We're on the right and we'll vote for Bibi Netanyahu as our candidate. Religious Zionism is the first he'll call, I have no other thoughts."

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