Liberman at Jerusalem Conference
Liberman at Jerusalem ConferenceYisrael Bardugo

Former Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman slammed the government's decision to continue transferring money to the Palestinian Authority despite the passing of a law offset the payments tge PA makes to terrorists.

"We are transferring money to Hamas. We are not stopping to transfer terrorist money from the funds to the Palestinian Authority, despite the fact that [the government] passed a law to offset the terror funding," Liberman said at the Jerusalem Conference Monday.

He accused the government of "living in a fool's paradise" in its anti-terrorism policy.

Liberman addressed criticism that the government did not withhold funds from the PA to offset its funding of terrorism while he was sill in the coalition. "I want to tell the public that these are long processes and things do not happen immediately. And there are things that we succeeded in, such as the construction of housing units in Samaria. And I was with the Ansbacher family in Tekoa. On the one hand such a noble family. On the other hand, such a despicable murderer, and suddenly everyone supports the death penalty for the terrorists. What happened suddenly?"

When asked who is preventing the implementation of the death penalty for terrorists, Liberman responded: "I do not want to go into this, but look at what happened here, when we brought this law to the vote, and everyone, including the Jewish Home, including Smotritz, voted against it. I expect all those who pretend to be rightists to act."

"They are not real right-wingers. We, Yisrael Beiteinu, are the real right-wing and are not all talk. Note that this terrorist was placed in a detention center in Ashkelon so that he would not be tried in a military court where he could be sentenced to death. I would expect the justice minister and anyone who claims to be right-wing to initiate a cabinet meeting and call the attorney general and demand explanations from him. The murder was on the seam line and there is no reason why it should not be tried by the court."

Turning to the upcoming elections, Liberman said that "I think we will finish with nine seats, and the best poll is that which was expressed a few months ago in the local elections."