Moshe Lion
Moshe LionIsrael Bardugo

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon addressed the situation in the capital of Israel in 2019 at the 16th Jerusalem Conference. He spoke of his efforts to raise the standard of living and promote building plans that will enable young people to choose Jerusalem as their home.

“This city, Jerusalem, is not like the entire country. I say this as someone who was the director general of the prime minister’s office. I say reliably that there is no such city this this one, not Tel Aviv and not Haifa. No one comes close to Jerusalem, neither in beauty not character,” the Mayor said.

Leon was asked how he faces the negative immigration, and how he manages to address all types of audiences in the complex city. “There's no quick solution. One of my strategic goals is to bring young people back to Jerusalem. This is her future, and this is her growth.

“The city has deteriorated in the last two-three years to socio-economic ranking 2 and this is very serious, I'm doing everything I can to bring up the rankings. The solution is to build more and more, and I'm in contact with the government ministries to promote it."

As promised in the election campaign, Leon now seeks to improve the visibility of the city and the condition of the roads.

“Before everything, it's important to clean up the city and I took this on myself. We're doing a lot with it. Part of the budget I received is for these purposes, and I do know how much the public here is traveling to Jerusalem, but one of the problems is that the roads here are very shabby and it is hard to travel on them, and we will see to it this year.”

The Jerusalem Conference is currently holding their 16th annual event at the Crown Plaza Hotel. The conference brings together senior officials from various political, media, public and business worlds for two days. There will be discuss different significant issues in Israel such as the army, society, religion, liberalism and state.

The event is open to the public.