The victims of Sunday morning’s fatal bus crash northwest of Jerusalem have been identified as Rachel Chaya Guttman, and Ruchama Rosen.

The two women, both residents of the haredi city of Modiin Illit, were killed when a bus from Kavim’s 304 line from Modiin Illit to Jerusalem collided with a private vehicle, flipped over, and crashed into a railing.

Forty-one other people were injured in the accident, including two people in serious condition.

While the two women killed in the crash were initially identified as sisters, they have since been named as Rachel Chaya Guttman, 24, and Ruchama Rosen, 27.

Guttman, an art teacher, had gotten married roughly a year and a half ago. She is survived by her husband and her son, who is roughly half a year old.

The second victim, Ruchama Raizel Rosen, 27, was the daughter of Rabbi Kalman Rosen.

The funeral processions of the two victims are scheduled to leave the central synagogue on Sdei Hemed Street in Modiin Illit at 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening. The two will then be brought to Jerusalem, for burial in the Har Hamenuchot cemetery.

e bus driver from the Kavim company who was involved in the fatal crash Sunday morning which left two women dead and 41 people injured is expected to be questioned under caution by police for his role in the accident, in what could be the precursor to a criminal investigation into his conduct.

Police continue to gather evidence from the scene of the accident, which occurred near the Israeli town of Beit Horon in southwestern Samaria.

At 9:15 Sunday morning, a bus from Kavim’s 304 line, which links the haredi city of Modiin Illit to Jerusalem, crashed as it travelled towards the capital down Route 443.

Two women, who have been identified as sisters from Modiin Illit, were killed. Forty-one others were injured, including two people in serious condition and five others said to be in moderate condition.

Police reported earlier on Sunday that the accident took place following a smaller accident on Route 443.

A passenger van in the opposite lane, heading toward Jerusalem, then perceived the accident and stopped on the left side of the lane, with the intent of providing aid at the scene of the accident.

At this point, a bus following the van hit the van and flipped over on its side, skidding into a ditch and hitting the safety rail.

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