Bennett at the entrance to a cabinet meeting
Bennett at the entrance to a cabinet meetingHezki Baruch

In light of the brutal murder of Ori Ansbacher on Thursday, New Right Chairman Naftali Bennet calls on the Prime Minister to convene the security cabinet to implement the law passed in July that will enable the government to freeze terror funds.

“The disgusting murderer of Ori Ansbacher, may G-d avenge her blood, will be starting in the coming days to receive a terror allowance of 18 to 20,000 shekels a month for the rest of his life. Unless we act. The Israeli government is able to act. This past July we passed, on its third reading, the law of freezing terrorist funds. The law has come into effect on the first of January.”

“All that the prime minister needs to do is to bring the cabinet in, to present it and activate the law. I call on Prime Minister Netanyahu to call the security cabinet in this evening in order to activate the law to of freeze terrorist funds, in order that the disgusting murderer of Ori Ansbacher, may G-d avenge her blood, won’t receive one penny, and will serve time in prison,” Bennett added.

In what is known as Pay-to-Slay policy, the Palestinian Authority pays terrorists in prison a monthly allowance. The prisoners receive a higher pay than that of an active member of the PA security forces for wounding and killing Israelis. The PA budget for payments to terrorists in Israeli prisons skyrocketed to $158 million in 2017.

“I hear from security organizations that they are worried of the threats by Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas), that if we cut off terror funds, they will not take money from Israel at all, and the Palestinian Authority will collapse.”

“I say that we do not need to give in to these threats. If he wants to commit suicide, he should commit suicide, it is not our problem. We, the ministers of the New Right [party] fully push Prime Minister Netanyahu, in the face of these threats from the Palestinian Authority, to simply implement today, to pass today, and secure today the law to freeze terror funds,” concluded Bennett.