Car accident (illustrative)
Car accident (illustrative)Flash 90

Iris (44) and son Aviv (15) from Kiryat Shmona returned from a vacation last week in Barcelona, but were tragically killed in a car accident at the Halpata junction on Highway 85, Yediot Aharonot reported.

Iris’s car collided head on with a vehicle, leaving her moderately injured. She was evacuated to the Ziv hospital in Tzfat.

Her son, Aviv, suffered a systemic injury and rushed to the hospital in Nahariya, but the doctors’ efforts failed to save him.

Aviv’s twin brother, Shilo, burst into painful tears and found it difficult to talk about his beloved brother, born two hours before him.

“It seems I was saved by a miracle. My mother begged me to go on the trip with them, but for some reason I insisted on not going. I cannot explain why. The whole trip started badly and ended in tragedy. My mother called from abroad and told me that they stole her cell phone. After that her purse was stolen and she was left with no money. It clouded their mood and Aviv barely wanted to leave the hotel. We waited very late for them to arrive. I called Aviv and there was no answer. I was very worried,” quoted Yediot Aharonot.

Shilo found it difficult to stop crying, “We were luckily born twins. Every morning we went to daycare together and then to elementary school. We sat side by side until they separated us in middle school. We both volunteered in MDA, we loved kayaking, watching movies, riding horses and having fun. I miss Aviv and his smile. I feel that something has been cut off from me and it hurts.”