Dr. Oren Sussman
Dr. Oren SussmanNews 10

Dr. Oren Sussman, 37, a specialist in internal medicine at Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva, died of a sudden heart attack at the hospital on Tuesday.

Sussman, a father of three, felt ill during a shift on Thursday at the hospital. He went to rest in the doctors' room, where his fellow doctors found him in cardiac arrest.

Sussman was rushed to intensive care at Beilinson Hospital and died this morning. His funeral will take place tomorrow at the Yarkon Cemetery.

Dr. Sussman was active on Twitter and active in the struggle on behalf of working conditions for interns In recent years he was a member of the inspection committee of the interns' organization and was even elected to be the Beilinson representative at their national meeting.

His colleague Yigal Frank wrote: "This is how you would like your doctor to be: listening, not judgemental, and taking a real interest. He was an up-to-date, broad-minded researcher who wanted to change things and to do it with a smile."

The heads of the Cardiology Association, Prof. Ran Koronovsky and Dr. Ronen Rubinstein, eulogized him, "Dr. Sussman was a senior cardiologist, a brilliant physician in the cardiology department at the Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson). Dr. Sussman's contributions have been recognized worldwide. Dr. Sussman's academic career is decorated with significant awards for excellence."