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Prison - illustrativeFlash 90

Two people were arrested and another three were detained for questioning on Monday morning, in connection to a corruption case within the Israel Prison Service (IPS).

IPS officers and prison guards, including four officers and an NCO from southern Israel are suspected of being involved in bribery, fraud, breach of trust, as well as other offenses.

A high-ranking officer who had worked in the Ohalei Keidar prison in Be’er Sheva is said to be the main suspect in the investigation and to have committed the offenses in the Be’er Sheva prison. He has recently been transferred to the Ella Prison in southern Israel.

The officer is suspected of using his position to illegally arrange benefits and comfort to prisoners charged with criminal offenses. He was said to receive pay-back money in exchange. He was allegedly helped by others to commit these offenses.

Investigations began when IPS officers reported their suspicions to the police. The officers who notified police said that they had observed the offenses over a period of several months.

After an undercover investigation, the National Unit for the Investigation of Wardens in the special Lahav 433 anti-corruption unit has officially opened an investigation on Monday morning into the alleged offenses.

The Israel Police have released a statement saying, “The Israel Police will continue to expose and investigate improper procedures, conflict of interests and to strive to reach any place where there is a suspicion of public corruption that harms the order of government and proper administration.”

The police are expected to request an extension in detention for the two arrested.