The new store in Lakewood, NJ
The new store in Lakewood, NJOsher Ad

Osher Ad, a kosher supermarket, will be opening their second overseas branch this week. The new store will be opening in cooperation with David Weiss in Lakewood, New Jersey, under the name Bingo.

Lakewood is considered a Haredi-American center with a community of 20,000 Haredi households.

The huge branch covers more than 7,000 square meters, employs about 170 people and is located next to Costco and Home Depot branches.

In order to maintain a comfortable and friendly shopping experience, SuperSmart’s smart technology will also operate in the branch.

The SuperSmart technology is used in several branches of the store in Israel. The technology enables purchase through an application without the need to go to a cashier and significantly shortens purchase time.

This second branch overseas joins the chain that had opened in Brooklyn, New York two years ago with a local partner, in which millions of dollars had been invested.

Osher Ad was established in 2009 by Aryeh Boim, Avrum Moshe Margalit and Yehuda Laniado. It has since grown into the fourth largest food retail chain in Israel and the first to open branches outside of Israel.

With already 20 branches around the world, it is considered the first heavy discount chain in the US Jewish market, and will continue to expand to various regions of the world where there is a large concentration of Jews. The city of Monsey in New York is expected to be the next target for a store opening.

A statement from Osher Ad said, “We are happy about the opening of the largest Jewish store in the United States this week. It serves as an example of an Israeli retail chain opening branches overseas. We do not stop for a moment in planning additional branches in areas where there are high concentrations of Jews and will continue to do everything to give our customers a convenient and cost-effective savings experience.”