An Orthodox Jewish family was ordered off of an American Airlines flight earlier this week, leaving them stranded without their luggage, baby stroller, or child car seat.

Yossi Adler, 36, his wife Jennie, and their 19-month old daughter had been vacationing in Miami, Florida this past week, and were scheduled to fly back to Detroit Wednesday night on an American Airlines flight.

After being seated on the plane, the family was suddenly ordered off and escorted back to the gate, with no explanation offered.

Once they had been taken back to the gate, ABC’s Local 10 News in Miami reports, American Airlines staff closed the gate and informed the Adlers that they would not be permitted back on the plane.

At this point, the Adlers were finally given an explanation for their removal from the flight – fellow passengers had apparently complained of a foul smell from the family.

"All of a sudden, as soon as they took us off, they closed the gate and then they said, 'Sorry, sir, some people complained you had body odor and we're not letting you back on,'" Yossi Adler said.

"There's no body odor that we have. There's nothing wrong with us."

To add insult to injury, the family was left in Miami without their luggage, baby stroller, or child safety seat – despite promises from the airline that their luggage and other items would be removed from the plane before takeoff.

"They have our car seat, stroller, everything," Jennie Adler said.

A spokesperson for American Airlines confirmed to Local 10 that the Adlers had been ejected from the flight over their “body odor”.

“Mr. Adler and his wife were removed from the flight when several passengers complained about their body odor. They have been booked into a hotel for the night and given meal vouchers. They have been rebooked on a flight Thursday."

But the Adlers aren’t buying the airline’s story.

“I want them to own up to what really happened and to tell me the truth,” Yossi Adler said. “What was it?”

On Thursday, the couple boarded a second flight, and returned to Detroit without incident.

The Adlers say that after their arrival in Detroit, they were reunited with their luggage, stroller, and child safety seat which had been left on the first flight.