MK Yogev (R) and PM Netanyahu
MK Yogev (R) and PM NetanyahuFlash 90

Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee member on behalf of Jewish Home MK Moti Yogev told Arutz Sheva the decision to eventually transfer the Qatari money to Gaza was the choice of a lesser of two evils.

"As a result of the Oslo Accords and our flight from Gaza the Hamas regime was created, and the silly thought of the then prime minister and the Left that it was possible to escape from Gaza and be free of humanitarian and security responsibility was a big mistake: Gaza is part of Israel; we cannot disengage from humanitarian and security responsibility.

"We need on the one hand to strike the heads of Hamas and kill them all, and on the other hand to strive for a different regime in Gaza. In today's reality when the State of Israel hasn't decided it wants to hit Hamas leaders and take control of the Gaza Strip, we have no choice but to fight Hamas but also to provide humanitarian assistance to the residents there."

Yogev also spoke about Russia's warning to Israel to no longer attack Syria: "Russia is acting in its own interests, but Russia also knows the value of Israel. Russia's said what it has to say and Israel needs to do what it has to do. There are things that need to remain secret and there are things we chose to reveal because sometimes it displays power. We're conveying a message to the Iranians, as well as to [Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Major General Qazem] Soleimani who exports terror all over the world that terror is destroyed through attacking terror. Assassinating this man should have been a target and goal to stop entrenchment in Syria and prevent the transfer of accurate and tiebreaking weapons to Hezbollah."

Yogev spoke of what is expected in the Jewish Home ahead of the convention and election of the party chairman and national team. "We all feel the responsibility to create the political home of the broad religious Zionist movement. Our connection to the State, to the People, and the Torah is a great ideal. In the face of the exits by former party leaders who want to be prime minister, the goal is to influence the People and the State on all levels. Neither the New Right nor the Likud nor Yair Lapid will support the world of Torah and religious Zionism.

"The central committee conference on Sunday will determine how the chairman will be chosen, by the central committee or through an appointed committee that will then decide the team, and the fact that so many want to compete shows that the bride isn't so homely and once that's chosen the poll numbers will go up. Jewish Home has always placed the value of the Jewish People in first place, because without the People of Israel there's no-one to protect the Sabbath and to fight for the people of Israel.

"We need to connect with all the new immigrants, the new haredi Jews, the Sephardi Jews who are disappointed with Shas, and everyone who has a connection to the State and tradition."